The truth is in you. It’s that first calm thought you think, sensation you feel or word you speak. Truth is in all of us but for some reason we find it easier to believe our fears. We like to believe doom and gloom over happiness and peace. We crave abundance and yet cling to lack. We want to feel beautiful but we speak hate into our heart. We don’t get in our car, pull out of the driveway and decide to drive down the road backwards in the wrong lane, do we? So why do we act, think and speak backwards when it comes to what we really desire and crave in our souls?

That put it in perspective, didn’t it! Listen…I was driving to see a client of mine today and encountered a man with some severe road rage on the highway. Such anger to the point that he chased me down the highway, paced my car and start yelling at me through an open window. My first thought was, “Wow…you shouldn’t be driving,” and yet as insane as that man seemed – that is how we seem to operate in our own lives. We let irrational beliefs rule our minds. We let ourselves believe lies and stories we create  all the while not realizing that these lies go against our divine truth. They make us small, insecure, powerless and fearful.

Stop driving down the road backwards. Stop having road rage in your mind. Listen to your truth. Your truth knows it’s all good. Your truth knows you are deserving, powerful, limitless and loved. Your truth knows you can have anything you desire if you just believe it so. Your truth is never angry. Your truth is always simple – it’s your fear complicating it. It’s your lies making it seem hard, heavy and hopeless. Let them go…pull over, get out of that car and calm down. Truth always makes you feel good! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I listen to my truth it always makes me feel good.