There’s such freedom in the present moment. Freedom to just be. Freedom to breathe and live and flow as you choose because nothing is hindering you or holding you back. It’s the past and the future that we get so wrapped up in. We allow our mind to jump back and forth from one to the other, mindlessly skipping over the here and now. But when we do that, we miss the beautiful gifts being given to us in every second of our day.

Truly there are only miracles in the present. There are blessings available to you right now but you may be missing them by dwelling on what was. They might float right past you because you’re worrying about what could be or should be. It’s ok, don’t punish yourself for letting your mind do hurdles back and forth – it’s human of us; it happens to me quite often. But being present takes a consistent daily mindful practice. You need to choose to be here now, all the time. We can easily get stuck in our head or we can draw our attention right back into this moment. Something I do to shift it is ask myself, “What are you doing right now” and immediately my attention focuses on the present moment. I also choose to slow down, literally. I physically move slower and suddenly my mind slows and I feel like I can breathe again and the fears dissipate.

This is a choice dolls. I choose this daily. Sometimes I choose to sit stuck in my head for a while because sometimes you just want to give yourself the space to go there and then recognize it doesn’t feel good there. Where does it feel good? In this moment right now. The present feels good. Because when you’re connected to the present you are synced up to that divine flow I keep talking about. You can receive your divine signs and be wowed by those miracles that are happening in every instant. That doesn’t mean I don’t desire to have things I don’t have – that simply means I find the good in each and every moment presented to me because it’s all happening FOR A REASON and if I focus on that then guess what? That gratitude speeds my blessings AND that light switch flips offering me the wisdom about WHY this moment right now is preparing me for what’s to come. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am here. I am present. I am open to miracles.