You know it’s all going to be OK, right? Every single thing you’re worrying about right now IS going to be OK. It’s all ok. It’s all going to be ok. If it doesn’t feel ok right now I want you to say to yourself, “It’s ok that I’m not ok.” Because truly it is. It’s ok when you cry and scream and panic. I used to get so mad at myself for getting upset and then I’d think I ruined the outcome BY getting upset because UH OH I shot out negative vibes with my anger or sadness, didn’t I?! NO.

You need to release. You need to let it out. Sometimes people let it out through anger and others let it out through tears. No matter how you let it out…it’s ok. It’s ok you don’t have that thing you want just yet. It’s ok that you’re worried about when it’ll arrive. It’s ok to feel uneasy or uncertain. It’s ok you’re a little fearful. It’s ok that sometimes you doubt it all. It’s ok that sometimes you question the Universe. It’s ok that you’re not always positive. It’s ok that some days it feels like it’s all going to sh*t. It’s ok that you admit you’re not ok.

Get OK with however you feel. Be good with it all. The ups and the downs. ACCEPTANCE is key. God doesn’t make you suffer – he makes you feel sh*t because it’s helping you, growing you and teaching you something. So be ok with it. Be ok that you feel like you learn sh*t the hard way. Be ok that sometimes you have absolutely no f&cking clue where your life is headed. It’s ok to feel ALL things in ALL ways and until you accept yourself and LOVE YOURSELF unconditionally for it all – then how can those things arrive. You’re shoving them away with your judgment of yourself. Your blocking them with your self-punishment or doubt. Repeat after me: “F&CK it! It is what it is. One day I’m good and the next I may not be good but I’m OK with that, because there’s something there for me to learn. I’m grateful for you showing me that God and I’m grateful that you love me even when I’m not ok.” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything the Universe sends me is good.