Don’t be nervous = you’re worthy. Don’t get anxious = you’re worthy. Don’t panic = you’re worthy. Don’t worry about the details = they’re taken care of FOR you. Everything that is happening right now is benefiting you. Everything that is going to happen will benefit you.

Everything is always working out for you. When you worry, you can’t see that. When you stress about it, you miss the flow of joy headed your way. But when you step back and just allow, things get really groovy. When you step aside and enjoy the moment…then the next moment seems to get better and the next even better. When you just let the Universe work its magic and know that the details aren’t your problem….your blessings appear to multiply.

It’s not your job to be nervous, worry, get anxious or panic. It is your job to trust, flow and be at ease knowing that whatever you want, desire and need will arrive. It’ll arrive on time and be even more amazing than you imagined it to be. Stop stressing doll and just remember that you are worthy of everything you ask for. All of it! You deserve it, you’re worthy of it and it’s already yours and you will see it in physical form the moment you believe you can have it all. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I can have it all.