Set your standards high! Ask for what you want! Voice it! But be sure you set those boundaries in a firm rooted foundation first of what it is you deserve; what it is you’ll tolerate; what it is you’ll allow; what it is you’re deserving of. When you plant a foundation for yourself that is grounded in honest, pure love and you create these boundaries for yourself of what serves you and what no longer doesmiraculous things unfold.

Suddenly respect flows to you. Magically you elevate yourself to a higher level and attract experiences and individuals into your life that serve your highest good. That serve that part of you that you always knew was there but weren’t sure how to access. The part that was so eager to have what it is you desired that you just settled for whatever showed up because you didn’t want to miss your chance or thought you’ll just take what you can get.

You don’t need to settle. You don’t need to just take whatever it is you can get. You don’t need to allow things that don’t serve you into your life or your heart. If you can simply sit down and tell yourself what it is you truly desire and what it is you truly deserve and remember that is your foundation and those are your boundaries and you stand strong and firm and grounded in those; it won’t be long before those things that you always dreamed of arrive! Because when you love and respect yourself to the core – the Universe sends exactly what reflects that towards you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am rooted in love. I respect who I am and am worthy of what I desire.