You are exactly where you’re supposed to be in this very moment. Even though you may not have every single thing you want yet – there’s no reason to worry. You are in the right spot. You aren’t supposed to be anywhere else right now. You aren’t supposed to have anything different than what you have right now. 

What’s for you, will find you. You don’t need to panic about it. You don’t need to worry about what to do and where to go and all that sh*t you can’t control. All you need to focus on is you; is how you feel and what you want and where you desire to go. Let God handle the rest. You’re conflicting with his job by believing you need to control all these outside factors that you literally have zero control over. It’s not on your shoulders to make sh*t happen – all you need to do is set the intention and know you’re worthy of receiving it. Then trust that it’ll show up at the right time, on the right day in the greatest form.

Why are you stressing over all the details? Why are you so worried about when it’ll arrive and how it’ll arrive? You need not worry. You needn’t do anything but trust, believe and let the magic happen. Just go on about your business and leave well enough alone. Leave it to God to figure out the logistics – it’s not your problem. He always delivers and he delivers in a BIG way. He sends it to you when you’re MORE than ready for it and it’s MORE than ready for you and the outcome is always spectacular. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am exactly where I need to be.