Do you know what it feels like to enter a deep surrender? What I mean is….you’ve just released and let go of everything bothering you. It’s not easy and often very unexpected. Simply put: You can’t enter a place of surrender deliberately…you just can’t.

I know that totally sucks, right? Now what the f&ck? How are you supposed to release sh*t and move forward? Well obviously I’m going to tell you – you have to ALLOW surrender to come. You must allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in each moment and not force yourself to release. You need to allow yourself to release once you’re ready because when you force something…it sticks around longer.

So then what do to you do when you’re hurting or upset or anxious or sad? How do you let it go? You sit with it. You listen to it. You feel it. Let it be heard. The sooner you listen to it…no matter how irrational or insane it sounds…the sooner it leaves. I always tell clients it has to come UP and OUT. Meaning that feeling, be it sadness or frustration or fear needs to rise up and be heard before it can be gone. So just be a vessel. Sit and observe. Sit and listen. Sit and feel. Then ALLOW it to leave for good. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I allow it to leave. When I release the fears I make space for miracles!