They say you’re supposed to play the hand you’re dealt…no matter what that hand looks like and that’s because the hand you’re dealt is the hand you need to have. It’s the hand you’re meant to have. It’s the hand that is teaching you something…which is why it probably doesn’t look so appealing at first glance.

But get creative. Look at it differently. You can always find a way to utilize what you were given. You can always find the good if you want to find the good. It’s all in how you choose to look at it. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of meditating upside down. Yes…upside down. It might sound strange but I dare you to try it. Just lay down against a wall and put your legs up against the wall. Now leave your eyes open and breathe for a while.

Everything looks different, doesn’t it. Everything in your room is flipped around. You start to notice sh*t you might not have noticed before. Shapes appear differently and even the colors can have a different tint. Now that’s just the stuff right in front of your eyes. But now close your eyes and just breathe. Let whatever wants to come to your mind, come. Your body will relax and suddenly a new thought will emerge. A thought about that thing you couldn’t figure out when you were right side up. A thought that makes you feel good. I’ve already taught you what feeling good means; it’s the truth. Then your mind will shift immediately back to the present and convince you it’s just the blood rushing to your head that is giving you that excited and euphoric feeling – but it’s not. It’s the sudden shift in perception. It’s the miracle that occurred when you chose to flip your mind around. When you chose to let it appear differently to you. See it might sound silly that laying upside down would do that…but even though it’s the literal act of flipping your body…your mind will follow. When you flip upright…your body will now follow your mind. You’re welcome. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I flip my fears around to see the truth. I choose to see this differently.