Cheer yourself on. Be your own biggest cheerleader. I never was until recent years but let me tell you I went from calling myself stupid everyday to calling myself a f&cking genius. And no…not in the sarcastic sense. I used to crave the external encouragement and adoration from family or friends – now I don’t need it or rely on it and receive it quite often.

Isn’t that how it works though? When you stop NEEDING it…you get it. That’s pretty potent actually – think about it. When you realize you can provide it to yourself from within…you stop NEEDING it out there. Once that clicks into place a whole lot of sh*t changes for you. Your recognize your own worth and value. You see just how amazing you are.

We are all just trying to love who we are, make peace with who we are and figure out how to use what we have within to the best of our abilities. That’s it. That’s what life is. Learning to love you, just as you are – with all the insecurities and quirks and fears. So we seek OUT THERE for what we have IN HERE and it isn’t until we get disappointed over and over with what we’re being given out there that we finally turn inward and say, “Ok..I’ll do it myself!” In a sense we need to experience the disappointment of others not being able to fill us up…because they aren’t meant to – to redirect us back home to ourselves. See if I plug in out there and try to fill up – it’s like trying to fill up an inflatable pool that has a hole in it. God has given us everything we need. We think we need to get it from others but really what we search for in them is already within us. If we think we find it in them – it’s a mirror reflection of what’s within us. Are you listening? Start cheering yourself on…stop searching for someone to do it for you. You have it in you. That’s f&cking empowering! You don’t NEED it because you already HAVE it and once you realize that…the rest is a piece of cake. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I stop needing it, I receive it.