The spiritual resolution to any problem is always simple. Why? Because the TRUTH is simple. The truth always feels good. The truth is easy. The truth is never doubtful. The truth is never complicated. The truth just is. Can we end today’s affirmation right there because I truly feel that is enough? Nah…I’ll elaborate.

This world provides a lot of confusion to our mind. We have labels for everything from disease to disorder to a simple feeling that may emerge. There’s something for everything and often too much of it all. But underneath it all is the simple truth. For example your battles with anxiety are you simply resisting the present moment. Anxiety emerges when you are living in the PAST or thinking about the FUTURE. Anxiety can’t exist in the now. If you’re anxious it’s because you’re trying to predict what’s to come more than likely based on what was. The solution = be in the now. How? Stop resisting what is. Breathe through the feeling. Feel the feeling.

But see that label of “anxiety” is what our human minds cling to. Then we lean to it as an excuse. We say things like, “OMG I can’t do that it makes me anxious,” or other variations of the sort. Remove the label and what are you left with? Just a feeling. Just a physical reaction to something you’re perceiving. Change how you perceive it and the feeling changes. Now apply this to everything and anything. Stop leaning on the labels. Stop using the title as a crutch. That’s all it is. You can label it something else. Rewrite that script. Choose to place yourself this time in the role of someone who DOES NOT have what you keep telling yourself that you have. Start erasing the sh*t you don’t want from your mind by simply removing it. That’s all. Remove it by reminding yourself that it was all created within you and now it’s time to create something different…something new…something that better serves you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I create what I desire. Whatever I create is what I will experience.