Ground yourself – keep your feet pressed firmly on the ground and remind yourself to stay humble. God has blessed you with all that you have – everything! You wouldn’t have been woken up this morning and reading this if you weren’t blessed. You wouldn’t be able to breathe and function, work, love, joke, laugh, cry or even get angry without his blessings. What you have can be taken away in a minute – then what will you be left with? Material items are just that – material…they can come and go. That car of yours – you could turn around in 3 months and go trade it in. You could crash it and get a brand new one. Or it could simply break down on a long commute.

Devote your time to developing connections with things that won’t come and go – non-material items. These are the relationships that will stay for a lifetime – even if the humans themselves are no longer around. Sure you can have a boyfriend/girlfriend and go “trade” them in for a new one a few months down the road – but what their soul gave you during your time together will be priceless (good OR bad). These are the relationships that will teach you the lessons you need to learn; provide you with the advice you’re desperately seeking at that time for your life’s journey. Give you the love you need and even the tears to cry. But there’s lessons in all of this and these lessons allow your soul to grow. Recognizing this will keep you humble. So today remind yourself that there’s a lesson in every connection! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I recognize there’s a lesson in every connection in life.