I learned something very wise from Gabby Bernstein and that’s to share and teach what you’re learning. A lot of times that’s where I draw my inspiration for affirmations or articles I’m writing – my past or present as well as lessons I’m learning or teaching to those I work with or around me.

We all struggle with ego. It’s an Earthly possession that most of us scooped up, thinking we needed. We don’t NEED ego. Ego only makes us problems. Ego distorts the truth. Ego is something I’ve been working on for myself lately – understanding more about it, is what I feels the secret to releasing it.

I could probably dive into this topic deep for 2+ pages, but I want to tap into the main points and give you just enough to make you go, ohhhhhh! Ego is what makes us say, “I don’t deserve this happening to me.” Truth or awakening your spiritual vision makes you realize that you are receiving only what you need, just when you need it. If you have situations happening to you that you feel you do not deserve, that is your ego talking. Slide the ego to the side for a second and look at your situation through your spiritual eyes – there’s a lesson in there for you. Something you NEED to learn. You may not WANT the situation, but perhaps God gave you the same lesson many other times, in several different contexts, but you kept telling yourself you didn’t deserve it – so you never passed the test (learned the lesson).

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Example: You and your father fight all the time. You clash heads because he says you’re disrespectful and you feel he just misunderstands you. For years you thought about how you could break through to him that it’s HIM who needs to view the situation/relationship differently. Until you open your spiritual eyes and realize that yes, there is a lesson in there for him – but for you too. You need to look at the situation without your ego talking. You might feel misunderstood but perhaps you need to alter your approach when dealing with your father. Maybe you’re not disrespectful but he perceives it that way due to his own relationship with his father – which is not for you to fix. But recognizing that will help you understand the lesson for you – approach with kindness and less force. Lessen your tone because maybe your energy reflects his father’s energy. Maybe something in you stirs up a memory of something he experienced that he hasn’t healed from. Maybe your lesson is simply to be more kind or understanding or patient. It could just simply be to keep certain opinions to yourself.

These lessons are for your soul. They may appear menial on Earth, but once you learn a lesson, you advance spiritually. These lessons prepare you for your heart’s desires. Are there things you’re hoping for in life that you haven’t received? That’s because you aren’t READY for them. There are situations you need to deal with, lessons you need to learn, experiences you need to have before you are prepared for what’s to come. Take these lessons and handle them with care. You will look back once you receive the desires of your heart and every single thing will make sense to you.

But we can’t be successful along this journey unless we release our ego. That means wishing good for others and not being jealous or enviousness. Something I used to struggle with as well. When you envy what others have, you are taking for granted what you have. You are special and unique and one of a kind. No one compares to YOU. You have gifts that no one else has. They belong to you. If something isn’t yours, it wasn’t meant to be yours – let it go. Don’t lust for other people’s gifts. This all comes from our egos. Our egos WANT – but when you understand that God and the Universe provide all your NEEDS, you’ll never WANT again. You’ll KNOW that you have everything you need in this very moment and whatever you need in the next, will be given to you exactly when you need it. Let go of ego, let go of control and let your light shine bright! Namaste.

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