Wake up and be thankful. Thankful that you actually woke up! Thankful that you have clean air to breathe and you can see the sunshine. Be thankful for the roof over your head and the fact you can place your feet on the ground and walk without hesitation. Give thanks for your loved ones, your children, your friends, your relatives and your fur-babies.

Often times we take the small things for granted. Being that tomorrow is Easter, we at times get caught up in the madness of the “holiday” and forget what it’s truly about. Without getting religious or even philosophical on you, I think this weekend we just need to remind ourselves that even though we’re not where we might want to be yet (key word!), we need to be thankful for where we are, because we’ve come so far from where we’ve been. 

If your day, week or even month doesn’t seem to be going as planned just remember that it could always been worse. Give thanks for the mistakes that take place and the misfortunes that happen because they’re still leading you somewhere wonderful. Be thankful that you have a powerful universal energy working for you and not against you. Be thankful for your life – it’s sweet, precious and magical and it could be gone tomorrow. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Thankful for what was

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