Have you ever asked yourself what is your purpose in life? It’s quite a loaded question, isn’t it? Though we all have different dreams, goals and passions – we all have a very similar “purpose” here on Earth. Do right by others and help those in need because what we put out, we get back. It’s all a very basic method: Think positive, attract positivity. Think happy, attract happiness. Think negative, attract negativity. We are like magnets – all of us are, no matter your belief system, you are still susceptible to the Universal energy that what goes around, comes around. So if you’re hoping for “good” things to happen in your life, do good for others. It doesn’t matter how small or big the “good deed” is. It’s the authentic and honest energy that you exert that will bring the goodness into your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My actions, thoughts and words towards others impact my own life. I will only put out what I want to receive.