Too many times we seek outside opinions and input for what actions we should take in our own life, but realistically you already have the answers inside of you. Sure, you could argue, “But Amy, don’t you give advice for a living as a life coach?” No, I give guidance and offer wisdom to help clients perceive themselves as well as their situations in a different context. I never tell a client what to do but I do guide the client into accessing their own intuition and making the best choices for their own life path. A big part of what I do is helping you tap into your intuition! The truth always lies within the spirit of your own being. You can’t get better “advice” then you can actually receive from your own spirit.

Do not allow the opinions or reactions for that matter, of others in your life to dictate what you know is your truth. “I can admit my faults and work to better myself, but I can also stand in my own truth.” Make this your daily mantra. When my interactions don’t go smoothly, I turn within myself first. I examine my truth, my words and my feelings. If I can confidently stand behind what I’ve spoken, how I’ve acted and how I feel then I don’t allow myself to be swayed. But more times than not when you examine yourself FIRST you will realize that the reason that interaction is rocky is due to the fact that your spirit is detecting you need a shift. It might be a lesson to grow you, humble you, teach you or test you. I’ve been taught and tested all week this week. I know many of you have. Don’t let it deter you, frustrate or disappoint you. These lessons and tests are happening for a reason. You need them and you need them at the exact moments they’re happening at. Trust this process of life. Don’t fight against it. I found myself fighting against it this week as well and it only causes more chaos. Flow with it naturally and allow it to unfold the greater picture that will eventually become clear to you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I stand confidently in my own truth.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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