Have you ever prayed or meditated and gotten no response? Nothing, zip, zilch, nada – just silence?! Sometimes no response, is a response. They say silence is deadly – but silence from God or the Angels or the Universe is simply, “you’re right where you should be.” Don’t get frustrated when you don’t get an answer. Don’t get mad at God/Universe/Angels if they give you the good old fashioned silent treatment. Understand that it’s just their way of saying they are busy working on ‘it’ and you’re doing everything right. You’re heading in the right direction and when the time is right and they need to deliver you a message or some directions on where to head next – trust me they’ll get your attention. So enjoy the silence – revel in it because it’s a good sign – a reassuring one and simply say “Thank You” as you acknowledge their hard work in your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

 I recognize that no response, is a response.