Do you remember where you were this time last year? Do you notice how far you’ve come? How much you’ve grown? How many prayers have been answered? It’s so easy to let this stuff slip your mind but it’s important to reflect sometimes and be grateful for your journey and your growth. I remember where I was a year ago, even two or three years ago and I know how many things I currently have in my life that I was praying for back then.

The more we show gratitude for our journey and our blessings, the more we’re given to be grateful for. The more we are mindful of our growth, the more gratitude we cultivate knowing just how far we’ve come. It’s too easy to wake up every morning and complain about life. It’s easy to look at the present moment and confess all the things we DON’T have yet. It requires a daily practice to wake up and do the opposite. Saying thank-you for what is currently in our life. Saying thank-you for what was taken from us. Saying thank-you for what was given to us. Saying thank-you for all the lessons and all the blessings. Gratitude isn’t always the easy route – but it is the one that enhances your life. It’s the path that a lot of times people choose not to travel because it requires a little more effort. But let me tell you a secret – it may sometimes be the road less travelled but it’s the road that leads to miracles. It’s the road that’s more fun. It’s the road full of blessings, wonder and excitement. It’s the road jampacked full of surprises that only deliver happiness into your life. So why would you even think about choosing otherwise? Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am choosing the path of gratitude. The more I say thank-you, the more blessings I receive.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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