While watching TV, I heard Donnie Wahlburg say, “If you fear it, it will grow,” and it sparked something inside of me. Worrying is a form of prayer. Clearly not a good form of it, but most definitely a form of it. When we pray for something, ask the Universe for something, set an intention for something or whatever it is you choose to do – we put the energy out there for it to manifest (be created).

But we don’t often consider what happens when we do it the other way around. It’s amazing to me, still to this day how we can receive little bits of Universal wisdom all over the damn place, if we’re PAYING ATTENTION. Mindfulness is overlooked a lot. Being present becomes difficult when we have all these gadgets that keep us distracted from staying IN the actual moment. But the thing is, and I’ve said it many times before in these blogs – we are constantly being guided and directed. We literally have a Universal GPS giving us step-by-step directions to OUR lives and we’re missing most of it. 

So as cheesy as it may sound that you can get your wisdom from a teabag (yes, check my Instagram feed), or from a television show – it’s true. The Universe speaks to us in ways that WE will each understand and recognize. I might get it from Donnie Wahlburg while watching TV, but you may receive it driving down the highway from a billboard OR perhaps while reading this blog. So back to my original point, what we focus on EXPANDS. Wouldn’t you rather create and grow something rich, fulfilling and joyful in your life rather than something to worry about or fear? I think so! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am choosing to direct my thoughts towards love. I choose to create rich, fulfilling and joyful experiences and relationships rather than fear-driven ones.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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