Relax…there’s no reason to stress, about anything. Lately I’ve been noticing people, family, clients, friends freaking out about things beyond their control. No matter how large or minuscule the situation is, they panic. STOP! The spirit of peace is what allows us to make rational decisions, not panic or fear or stress.

Let me tell you what happens when you freak out about something…anything….you allow your brain to get weak for that 1 split second of panic and you’ve opened the door for negativity to sneak in. Once it’s in, it’s not going to go quietly – you’re going to have to drag it out, kicking and screaming. The only way to keep it out for good is to not unlock that deadbolt for it. That deadbolt needs to represent your rock solid peace in understanding that whatever is meant to me will be – God will not give what belongs to you, to someone else. So stop stressing, in due time everything will come together. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I will remain at peace in all situations knowing that what is meant to be, will be no matter what I think.