Joy is found in the present moment. So many of us are pondering about the past or thinking about the future that we are moving and grooving through the NOW but are missing so much. It’s easy to tell people to “stay present” but trust me when I say so many don’t even know what that entails.

How you feel right now is forming your future. If you’re dwelling or worrying, you’re only creating future situations to dwell and worry about. But if you can bring your attention to exactly what you are doing right now and free your mind of that “thinking” it likes to do – you will find pure bliss.

It’s not easy…us humans LOVE to think – especially if you think about it in the context of, “How am I supposed to only focus on right now when I have this coming up or this to schedule?” Because everything is always working out for you, as Abraham-Hicks likes to say. Worrying doesn’t solve a thing. Thinking about those days that are gone and those days that haven’t even arrived yet is like rushing your life away because you are missing this moment right here and right now. This moment is happening for a reason. Enjoy it and leave it at that! Keep focusing on being happy in the present moment and you will create a world of your own that only provides you with happiness no matter what. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am enjoying right now.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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