Live your life fearlessly and without limits. You aren’t here to play small – you have way too much oomph inside of you to ever think about playing small. Use what you have. Share what you know. Embrace who you are.

This life is meant to be lived. You aren’t here to sit and sulk and ponder and question. Just go! Go out and do and be and live. Make yourself happy – that’s all you’re meant to do. Find your joy and keep finding it every second of every day. Yes…it really IS that simple! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am finding joy and living fearlessly every single day.


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About the Author:

As a Spiritual Life + Relationship Adviser, Published Author, Reiki Master Practitioner & Ordained Minister, my divine gift is the power of simplicity. I bring you clarity by putting words to your feelings and simplifying the heaviness in your life. I am known for my powerful honesty, transparency & laugh out loud approach to spiritual guidance.