The sentence “You are worthy” has a vastly different impact on people. Some respond in tears while others proclaim, “I know”! It doesn’t really matter what your reaction to hearing that is – what really matters is how you feel about you on the inside and what you feel you deserve.

You could hear something told to you 150 times over but until you believe it in your heart, it’s really not going to do much of anything. Words are just words until you apply meaning and feeling to them. I was told time and time again for as long as I could remember, “You’re beautiful,” and after a while it just became a word…like ‘the’. It didn’t have an impact on me because though I knew it – I do have two eyes and can look in a mirror, I didn’t KNOW it on the inside. When I finally GOT IT on the inside, hearing it was just a bonus because I already felt it within.

It doesn’t matter what others say. It doesn’t matter what others think. Some of us spend years knowing this to be true but not REALLY knowing it. Your value and worth do not depend on what others say to you or think of you. They don’t rely on any of the compliments or insults that may be flung your way. Your value and worth are undeniable and unchangeable. Your worth relies solely on you realizing that you are already complete – with or without any external confirmation. Look within dolls and find comfort in your own love and support. You have a universe inside of your soul that is limitless and full of everlasting peace, grace, inspiration, wisdom and strength. Be comforted in knowing it never leaves you – even when you don’t quite see it. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am loved, supported and complete.