You speed up by slowing down. I know some of you have heard this before but you probably don’t yet believe it. Here’s the thing though – it’s the truth. It’s so true in fact that I slow down more and more each day just to expand time and energetically align with where I desire to be.

When you feel that need to rush or control something. When you feel an urge to manipulate a situation or outcome. When you feel a pull but it’s confusing you – that’s your ego kicking in. It’s trying to convince you that you need to take ACTION in order to MAKE something happen. No dolls…you do not need to MAKE anything happen. Just stop, breathe and listen – you will be guided to go where you need to go and say what you need to say when the time is right.

The ego makes us think we need to always hurry up. It makes us feel like there isn’t enough time. It uses this method to attach you to forcing an outcome – your desired one at that. But guess what…force, control and manipulation will NEVER get you that desired outcome. Slowing down and being guided will. You actually speed up the process BY slowing down. Yup..your desire comes quicker when you just chill out and take guided steps towards it. Does that mean sit with your eyes shut and never do anything? No absolutely not. There’s a difference between taking action that is forced or rushed and taking action that is calm, confident and guided.

So what is it you want? Do you want it now? Perhaps some of you wanted it yesterday. Are you constantly anxious about what you should do and where you should go, what you should say and who you need to know? If so…slow down. Your ego is working overtime and actually delaying your desire from showing up. Slow down and listen to your intuition. Take this approach and you will ALWAYS have more than enough time for everything, anxiety will vanish and your desires WILL show up a whole lot sooner than you think! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I move calmly and confidently towards my desires. I speed up the process by chilling out.