Letting things go isn’t always easy. As humans our ego wants us to hold onto things and remain in a place of anger, guilt or sadness – but spirit craves freedom and the only way to freedom is forgiveness. Forgiveness for yourself and for others. I often tell my clients that forgiveness doesn’t make the behavior right or wrong – it just sets you free from the burden of carrying it around with you.

We aren’t meant to live in places of regret or bitterness. We aren’t meant to hold ourselves in bondage. We have to learn to just let sh*t go. No matter what it is – let it go! If there was a misunderstanding…let it go. If you got offended…let it go. Dwelling in that space is only holding you back from peace. Staying in a constant state of anger or upset is keeping you separate from others. What you hold against them, you hold against yourself. 

It’s time to just start living your life and letting anything and everything roll right off your back. If someone doesn’t like you, too bad. If someone upsets you, let it go and get over it. It isn’t your job to punish others, it is only your job to be at peace with yourself and love others – no matter what. Love them when they react out of fear. Love them when they attack out of pain. Love them despite it all because if peace is your intention then peace should always be your response and if it’s anything other than that – that’s your ego getting in the mix. When you feel the need to explain yourself, defend yourself or attack back – that’s your ego holding you back from love. Instead…let it all go and move forward knowing that the only thing that matters is your inner peace and knowing your truth. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace when I lead with love.