When you get frustrated, lost or confused, do me a favor – better yet, do yourself a favor – write down everything that you ever asked for/prayed for that you received so far. You’ll soon realize that God is listening all the time. He responds best to gratitude so if you’re going to keep saying “I never get an answer when I pray” or “why does everything bad always happen to me,” you better check yourself. Everything bad does not happen to you, it only feels that way if you focus on the bad. If you start focusing on the good, despite the bad, you’ll notice that a lot of good things happen to you all the time.

Now-a-days people sit on social media a lot during the days and nights and look at other people’s photos, tweets, status updates, etc. Their body’s fill with jealousy and envy and think, “what am I doing wrong?” “Why does so-and-so always have such wonderful things happening to them?” The answer is simple – they don’t dwell on the bad. They don’t dwell on the unfortunate circumstances that are always going to come and go for as long as you live. They look at the beauty in everything. They enjoy what each day has to offer and they are grateful for it. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I will focus my attention on my blessings and be thankful.