You know that uh-oh feeling you get when you think or do something sometimes? That’s your body’s way of saying, “No no…wrong way!” We are internally guided all day long. It pays to pay attention to how you feel when you think a thought or speak a word because we are creating our own reality – so the thoughts you think and the words you speak….they have a major impact on what you experience.

I’ve really been playing with this lately and allowing my mind to shift back and forth between “good” thoughts and “not-so-good” thoughts. I’ve noticed how my body tenses up all over when the “not-so-good” thoughts emerge and how everything simply relaxes when I think the “good” thoughts. Isn’t the goal of life to feel good? Yes! So why do we let ourselves fall into the ego’s trap of sh*tty thinking?

Look let me put it to you this way: Sick people don’t feel good. Simply put…they hurt somewhere within their mind or body. So if you’re healthy and you feel some sort of pain while thinking or speaking…don’t you think it’s because those thoughts are unhealthy? YES! So why focus your energy on them? Why even give them a second thought? Why not think about the sh*t that makes you feel good? Why not focus solely on things that make you happy? Don’t you know that the key to manifesting your desires is aligning your feelings with that of which you want? That means you should be feeling completely relaxed and in the flow all day long. And when (because they’re totally guaranteed to pop up) those negative thoughts arise…don’t panic, don’t freak out…just shift back over to the thoughts that make you feel good. You’ll know…because you’ll be at peace and that is when those things you really want show up all that much quicker! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My body guides my mind through feelings. When I focus on what feels good everything aligns.