Everything is energy. How you feel towards you is what vibrationally gets shot out into the world. The words you speak about yourself – the thoughts you think about yourself…all hold a lot of power. They magnetize towards you EXACTLY how you are feeling. It’s always a match dolls!

Ever wonder why when you start having a bad day and then as you keep thinking about how sh*tty it is, it just seems to attract more bad stuff towards you? But then there’s days where you feel good, look good and can’t seem to say enough good stuff about yourself and that opens up a world of opportunity. When you feel good, you’ve moved into vibrational alignment with what is true. What is true is that you are abundant and beautiful and full of love. When you believe that…you receive that!

When you recognize the truth in you then you start attracting towards you everything that aligns with it. The more you believe that you are divinely created and blessed with all the love and peace you could ever ask for – the more just shows up in your life. Yes…it’s that simple dolls! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I feel good, I flow.