The more you begin to accept and love yourself for all that you are, the brighter your inner spark shines. The brighter you shine the more others notice – whether consciously or subconsciously. Because what is essentially happening is your spirit is glowing and welcoming their spirit out of darkness. That darkness includes anything from fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs, old stories you’ve convinced yourself are true about you and so on and so forth. Or we can simply label it the “Comfort Zone”. 

These spirits that reside in darkness see that light and they either get ignited, inspired and encouraged to shine too OR they get fearful because your mere presence makes them have to look themselves in the mirror and see all this ugly stuff they’ve been telling themselves and believing to be true (none of it’s true though dolls!). On a human level it’s as if they looked in a mirror and hated what they saw. If you look in a mirror and hate what you see, you either get mad or you stop looking in the mirror. And that’s exactly what happens – they project their madness, fears, insecurities onto you (the mirror) or they shut down, avoid and hide from them because they don’t like the reflection.

But you must remember it’s just a reflection. So when they project, know it’s about them. That doesn’t mean you have to stick around for their anger – but compassion and understanding do a world of good when you know you are just the mirror of everything they desire to be but don’t believe they can be. Until they reach the place of knowing your presence is to help them see what needs more love within them and then giving themselves that love and attention they need – it’ll cycle. Don’t stop shining though! Never stop shining because your light is too bright for others. Sometimes people will fall away or disappear for a while so they can adjust and learn to love their reflection and that’s when they can then return shining just as bright as you. Either way know that your light is needed, wanted and required in this world and by you simply loving all that you are – you’re helping others do the same too! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am bright, beautiful and powerful. I shine away all shadows that try to dim my light.