Be open to it being way better than you imagined. Be open to it happening sooner than you think. Be open to miracles, blessings and unexpected surprises. Be willing to receive whatever comes your way. We are so quick to decide and judge what should happen, could happen, might not happen in our minds – but you are limiting what the Universe has in store. You are limiting what it’s capable of.

So just let go of those expectations and hold on loosely to your desire. It WILL happen. I will repeat that because IT WILL HAPPEN  – but it will happen BETTER than you ever imagined. And you want it better – you want it way better than what you scripted and planned out in your head. You deserve it better. You are worthy of greatness!

It’s coming and it will arrive soon…sooner than you think. It’s going to be magical and amazing. It’s going to be more than you ever dreamed of. But you need to stay open and be willing so it’s greatness can shine. When you remove your limits, sh*t becomes extraordinary and YOU are extraordinary so you shouldn’t expect anything less! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am open. I am willing. I expect greatness. I deserve extraordinary.