When you value yourself something magical happens; something radical adjusts in the atmosphere and you magnetize a new world that might look awfully similar to that “old” one BUT it’s got a whole new vibe. When you realize what you’re worthy of and align with it by committing you actions and words to that which you know, miracles unfold

See something that so often happens and has happened many of times with myself is we know we deserve something; deep down there’s a knowingness around it but our actions don’t align. We can say the right things and try to adjust accordingly but we haven’t clicked into alignment yet so we get frustrated and people get confused. You can’t force the alignment because you never want to force energy – that sh*t only backfires dolls! But you can allow yourself to be guided in the right direction while being fully supported by the Universe every step of the way.

Know how you do that? You turn inward and start diving deep into that relationship you have with yourself. How do you feel when you do/say/think certain ways and what are the things you do that don’t make you feel good? What is it you keep saying you really want but your actions are saying the total opposite? Are you saying you want to get healthier but refusing to reevaluate your eating, drinking and sleeping habits? Are you saying you want a new job but refusing to update your resume? Are you saying you want to the meet The One but are terrified of making a commitment? You have to commit to yourself first dolls. You need to commit to your desire and fully align yourself with it by committing yourself to adjust where necessary. Commit to updating the resume and putting it out there and watch the job show up! Commit to eliminating some old eating habits that no longer serve you and watch how your body suddenly feels lighter and your mind clearer! Commit to fully loving yourself in all ways and giving you everything you need first and watch that special someone show up in your life just at the right time! It all starts with you dolls! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I fully commit to giving me what I need first and allowing the Universe to deliver me that external reward!