Do you know what happens when you become open and willing to receive? You receive…and in a BIG way! I’ve always had a hard time receiving. I’m positive many of you can relate. I’m a giver at heart, hence what I do for a living and with that comes an innate ability to not allow others to help us. For me I had acquired such a sense of self and inner strength that I would shut down the opportunity for others to give with just my vibe and then I’d wonder why I never received. Because internally I believed I had it all figured out, under control and I didn’t need any help and if I did, I had select individuals I had chosen rather than being open to every divine encounter.

Because that is what we are all here to do dolls – help each other. We are divine messengers speaking straight to each other’s souls. Are you listening? Are you present enough to hear the messages for you? Because for so long I wasn’t and I felt lost. Sometimes we only want to hear from or ask for help from certain people but everyone in our life, even the strangers we pass by are divinely sent our way FOR us…to HELP us. Start listening, that’s all you need to do.

Be open to the message. It could be one simple word that confirms a feeling you’re having that no one knows about. It could be a synchronistic event that takes place to reassure you all is well and your desire is on it’s way. Be present, breathe and listen. When you are open and willing to receive the guidance from all of God’s messengers, crazy things happen dolls. Suddenly you feel way more supported than ever. Unexpectedly your desires start showing up because you’ve opened yourself up to the flow. The flow of God’s grace. Because giving and receiving is a natural flow and if you’ve been giving and feel blocked from receiving – it’s time to put your weapons down, drop your guard and open up to allowing the blessings to flow it. Be it guidance, wisdom or a heavenly gift you’ve been craving so badly. It’s all on it’s way, it’s just waiting for you to open up your arms and welcome it in. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I welcome in the flow of divine gifts heading my way. I am open and ready to receive all that is on it's way to me!