When you find yourself heading to negative town you can FEEL it. That’s the key here…you always feel yourself start to tense up, worry, doubt, fear and panic. Then it begins to spiral and instigate you to go deeper into that questioning and pondering of “what if” and “uh oh”. It’s easy to feed into it but it never ever feels good. I used to feed into it quite often…daily as a matter of fact…until it finally clicked that I never feel good going there and thinking those thoughts. So now when I feel my mind wanting to head in that direction…I pause and redirect back to where it feels good.

This feeling thing is so important dolls. Our mind is split between fear and love and we get to choose which we listen to and believe. Your mind will always be split until you are no longer alive in your human body so you need to be tuned in to the feelings of each of those thoughts to know what is operating and when. The reason being – your mind gets jaded and cloudy and sometimes we think our worries are for a good reason and we start listening and then acting on them and before we know it we are in a full on panic attack shooting negative energy all over the damn place. It happens…but I’m trying to teach you that you get to choose for it not to simply by focusing on how it feels.

When you lean towards the negative you contract your heart….so instantly you feel tense in your body. You might get a nervous jolt through your body or your heart starts to race. When you lean towards positive your heart expands. You suddenly feel lighter and more empowered. Try it right now…say to yourself, “That could never happen” and then follow it by saying, “Why can’t that f&cking happen for me!” Instant shift…did you feel it?! Do you know what keeps you expanding and not contracting after you make your choice…you keep leaning into the good. I dive into helping someone else or writing a blog and sharing. I remove my mind from the bad to the good in an instant because I simply don’t like how it feels to go to negative town. And guess what dolls…what you focus on EXPANDS…I’d rather magnetize towards me what FEELS GOOD above anything else! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My heart expands when I focus on feeling good. The more I feel good the more good comes my way.