There are often lessons staring us right in the face and we’ve been overlooking them for years. There are countless revelations right before our eyes but we keep choosing to see right past them. Not exactly on purpose….we literally don’t recognize them. It’s like we’re aware that they exist elsewhere but we seem to overlook similar lessons from certain areas of our life simply because it’s hidden behind different context.

Perhaps you thought you mastered building boundaries and respecting yourself in all areas of your life but for some reason something or someone keeps poking at you…triggering you…making you feel taken advantage of; making you feel drained. It’s just annoying you at this point. You’ve tried to figure out what’s happening there but can’t and then suddenly it clicks that it’s actually the same lesson you THOUGHT you mastered showing up in a different form. Ha…tricky right? This sh*t happens ALL THE DAMN TIME. It’s like telling your math teacher in elementary school that you’ve got 1 + 1 and 2 + 2 totally understood but when she throws 3 + 3 you’re way you get tripped up. How silly is that? But THAT is exactly what’s happening to alot of us…most of us quite frankly. Just because the numbers are different doesn’t mean the approach changes; doesn’t mean the lesson changed. It’s all still ADDITION…you’re still doing the same thing just with a greater value.

We tend to exclude certain individuals from our “lesson plans”…hence why we get tripped up. We seem to think that some people just don’t count as a teacher OR that they can’t teach us THAT particular thing. Not true dolls…we are all teaching each other a lot of sh*t and the funny thing is it’s all very similar because it’s all connected. Maybe you learned how to value yourself and your time and talents when it comes to business but keep getting tormented in that area when it comes to friendship or family. It’s because you aren’t applying that wisdom from the area you’re getting A’s in to the area you’re skimming by with a high D+. If you’re finding yourself getting poked at as I like to say with a certain person or in a particular area of your life…recognize the context may be different but the LESSON is usually the same. You’re just choosing not to see the lesson because that emotional charge around that specific context is triggering you. Remove the charge and simplify by reminding yourself it’s all just math…you just may be in the double digits now and not the single. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I look for the lesson. I look for the love. I heal it when I accept the truth of it; that it's only there to help me grow.