Today is Father’s Day. If you have a father, be grateful. If you have a mother, be grateful. If yours have passed on or you didn’t have biological parents present in your life, be grateful for the parental substitutes that stepped forward and took on that role. We choose our parents, it’s not the other way around. Before we’re born, our spirits select our mother’s and father’s and our journeys. These figures are in our lives to teach us lessons that we have also chosen for this lifetime. A lot of times, as children, we teach our parents a thing or two as well. The bond is unbreakable, no matter how you feel about the relationship itself. Parents are meant to guide and support. To lead us and pump us full of enough knowledge that we are able to stand on our own with our heads held high and follow our heart’s desires. 

If you didn’t have a parent or parental figure that made you believe you can do anything and be anything your heart wants, then I’m here to tell you today that you can. Sometimes the one’s we love the most can tell us the things we need to hear, but it takes hearing it from a completely different place to reinforce and confirm that it’s true. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Believe I can

Winky Boo Affirmations

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