There’s always a reason, a divine reason why certain things don’t happen for us when WE want them to. We want what we want when we want it, but God knows better. God knows we still have things to learn or have to go through some stuff in order to be ready to receive what we’re asking for. That doesn’t mean we won’t receive it eventually – but we are people of the “now” mindset. We want it now and we always try to find a way to get what we want immediately. If you beg to differ then just take a glance at your credit card bill or perhaps your loan payment. Maybe you’re debt free, but have you ever driven through a drive-through window to order food? Or perhaps you use an app to order food, track it, book a flight and pick a seat before anyone else – the list really does go on and on!

There are plenty of things I thought I was ready for a year ago or two years ago, but looking back now I realize I was far from ready for them. We aren’t always able to acknowledge it until time passes and we realize some stuff. I’m speaking generally on purpose here because this doesn’t just apply to our careers or relationships – this can apply to anything and everything. Something like a responsibility to be able to do something or a relationship we thought we were ready to have years ago, but we’re in a totally different place now. We all progress at different rates as we’re all on our own paths and journeys. Trust that God will keep giving you directions and not steer you wrong and believe and have faith that what you WANT will eventually happen for you – maybe not in the way you envisioned it or at the time you thought you needed it – but it WILL happen at the right time when you’re ready to handle it! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I trust that God is always on time

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