Emotions may be at an all-time high for you this weekend due to this super moon, but don’t let them overtake you. These emotions are being stirred up for you to reflect and release. Pay attention to how you are feeling and then let it go. What will be, will be no matter what. This intense energy over the weekend will pass as we approach this coming week and you’ll feel refreshed and renewed. A lot of times we fear full moons because we know people are going to be more sensitive, dramatic and sometimes just outright mean. We need to learn to embrace them for what they are – they are an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves – words, actions and emotions. Embrace it full force and then let it go. The full moon has the power energetically to increase anything you’re trying to manifest, only if you allow it to though. If you shield yourself and create resistance, you’re going to stir up even more negative emotions that weren’t there to begin with. Reflect on this today! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:


Winky Boo Affirmations

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