Your main purpose being alive is to get to know and love your inner self. That inner spirit that provides you not only with wisdom and guidance but love and support. How we converse with our inner self, reflects in our external surroundings and relationships. How we perceive it does the same. The minute you allow the ego to flood you full of lies is the minute you become out of touch with that inner being. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to not be overtaken with ego-minded words or feelings at times – so I’m not about to tell you the secret to avoiding it. But the goal is to master putting it back in it’s place. The trick is to recognize and identify when it’s flooding your spirit with deceit and stop it right in it’s tracks. The only way this is possible however is to build a strong foundation. To get to know yourself and love yourself so much so that the minute the ego tries to lead the way, you will see it in your relationships and you will feel it in your spirit. Then you can flip it immediately by that simple act of recognition and reminding yourself of who YOU really are. Remind yourself of the love you have for your inner true being and observe how the compassionate energy you express towards yourself will be reflected in your encounters and relationships around you. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I speak to myself with love and compassion.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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