Sometimes we need to be placed in situations in order to humble us, ground us and teach us. Sometimes God puts us in places so we learn how to wait, have faith and be patient. That doesn’t mean we’re purposely being tortured or tormented, that means we need to open up to the possibility that we can LEARN from the “struggle”. We can ALWAYS learn from the struggle. Sometimes the lesson is merely to be patient. Understand that all is happening in divine right timing. Everything taking place in your life is happening exactly when it should. Be patient and trust it will all fall into place at the right moment – because it will! We learn in these waiting periods and as the preacher said in church this morning, “Sometimes we need to be broken in order to be delivered. Doctor’s say where you’ve been broken, you always heals stronger then where you haven’t.” So be patient and focus on your lesson. Trust it’ll all work out with your best interest at hand and believe that you will come out stronger and wiser. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am patient.

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