When you begin finding yourself seeking outward approval to fulfil something on the inside, you’re going about it all wrong. Everything starts within. You’ve heard me say that countless times. If you are seeking love and reassurance from another, STOP! That love and confidence starts inside of yourself. When you learn to love who you are, that love reflects outward. It lifts you into a vibration of attracting those of the same frequency – those who will mirror that feeling you have on the inside of yourself. 

We go about this love thing all wrong sometimes. I know I did for many years. I thought I was just dating the wrong people because I wasn’t receiving the reassurance I felt like I needed from them. Nope. Backwards! I wasn’t loving myself. I wasn’t recognizing my own worth. I wasn’t appreciating and embracing who I was and so I was attracting individuals who mirrored that feeling – or at least that’s what I was perceiving. They could have been giving me genuine affection and love but I wouldn’t have ever known because I wasn’t feeling it inside of me – so my perception of what they did or said was one of lacking affection, kindness, understanding, joy and love.

This is all really quite simple. There is no strange or mystical algorithm for finding pure love. None whatsoever. The right people will flock (literally FLOCK) to your side once you heal your internal feelings about yourself. How you feel about yourself is what you will see in the relationships you attract. If your relationships are destructive or unfulfilling – turn within. I’m not saying every partner you’ll be with will offer you pure love if you truly love yourself. No, what I’m saying is you’ll have less of a chance involving yourself with the wrong ones if you work on loving yourself first. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am abundant and beautiful. I recognize my worth and... (1)

Winky Boo Affirmations

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