Sometimes we encounter situations that easily make us want to revert back to our “old ways”. That without even thinking we catch ourselves saying and thinking things we’ve worked long and hard to break out of doing. I caught myself doing this recently as I began preparing for my upcoming vacation. Between catching a pretty bad cold and the holidays and then trying to pack, I allowed the stress to take over when I knew that I simply knew better. I knew what to do, but I was so run-down and sick and tired I just didn’t do it. I didn’t meditate, I skipped my daily reading and studies and found myself to be even more drained than ever.

How I finally recognized that I allowed myself to be whisked away by ego stressors was when I caught myself saying things I used to say all the time. As I so kindly refer to as “Old Amy ways” rather than my true self who I’ve grown to be. Instead of just showing gratitude and embracing the fact that, “ya f*ck it…it may be inconvenient, but I’m sick and I’m going to rest,” I caught myself complaining. I saw the words I would text to people and realized I was only making all this much worse than it needed to be.

Instead of saying, “I am feeling better today,” I saw myself saying, “I feel miserable.” Sure it might have been true that I did indeed feel miserable, but I knew better than to confess it. So yesterday I changed my tune internally and started speaking what I wanted to see into existence. I spoke health and kindness into myself. Low and behold I woke up feeling so much better. I even was able to manifest $100 out of my empty wallet while packing. You see dolls, it all starts within our own mind and thoughts. We’re all susceptible to stress and just bullsh*t that happens – but do we need to soak it up? No. Do we need to feed into it? No. Can we reverse all of it by simply confessing something better? Absolutely! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am speaking love, health, peace and happiness into my life.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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