Judgment creates separation and when you understand we’re all connected then you’ll understand that when you judge another, you also are judging yourself. Unfortunately, judgment is everywhere. In the line at the food store, at a family dinner, in the bowling alley and even in church. When you judge you distinguish separation as “them” and “you.” This usually means you are placing yourself “above them” by stating something you perceive as true, failing to realize your perception is merely backwards. That truthful statement made was simply made about yourself.

I found myself in a position the other day where the people around me were judging others. I received confirmation this morning while watching church service that my response (or lack there of) was the best in this situation. When you join in with “sin” (for lack of a better word) you only ignite it, giving it more power. The problem is you’ve given it power against yourself as well as others. If you’re a spiritual person, which I so proudly call myself, that doesn’t mean you’re free of faults. That doesn’t mean you’re free of sin either. There is no one way to identify a “spiritual” person as far as the way they might act or speak or dress. The only way to identify a spiritual person is that when they encounter someone who “sins” (or judges, or is violent, angry, hostile, etc.) they don’t contribute fire with fire. They don’t attack back. They don’t engage. They understand they’ve been assigned this person by God to stand by them compassionately and lead them (sometimes merely by example) back to their restored spiritual state.

This might be why you so often wonder why some individuals in your life are peaceful regardless of those around them. I used to admire that one of my mentors was so at peace that the house could be burning down around her and she’d still just be calm, cool and collected. I used to wonder why when someone so obviously did wrong to her or in front of her, she didn’t react or respond with anger. She didn’t belittle or judge or try to control or discipline. What she did do was offer a helping hand, no matter the circumstance. The message in church this morning was just that. Be of service to others. Be compassionate towards others. You don’t know where they’ve been or the pain they feel. You don’t know their story. Pastor said that a lot of prostitutes suffered sexual abuse as minors which lead them into that field of work. Never judge. You can’t “save” everyone and quite frankly it isn’t your responsibility to save anyone. God is good and in complete control. But if there’s someone in your life who seems disruptive or hateful. Who seems unsure or confused. Who seems lost or in pain. Offering compassion is more than enough. That states that you will stand by them through this with an understanding of their pain until they find their way through. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am judgment-free! I offer my compassion and willingness to be of service to others.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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