When someone loves you, your connection is not of the mind or the body. Your connection is at the level of the soul. Real love, true love, pure love starts in the soul. Sure those other factors contribute BUT pure love doesn’t change. You see, because you can change your mind and your body can change and if you attach yourself to love at those levels, that love isn’t going to last.

If your relationship with someone is determined by the mind (there’s or yours) or the body, then when THOSE change, your relationship will change. However, what makes us who we are and gives us our distinct personalities is our soul. Our soul is our emotional characteristics. It’s our value system. It’s our connection to the Universe. Your soul defines your character. My pastor has been talking about the mind, body, spirit and soul in church the past few weeks. He explained the definition of each one because most of us interchange the words spirit and soul. But the spirit and the soul are two different things. He compared it to a cell phone.

The body of your cell phone is the hardware – it’s the device itself.
The mind of the cell phone is the software (or as we know them in this day and age, the APPS).
The information or the data on the cell phone is what gives those apps meaning – that’s the spirit.
But NONE OF THIS is useful unless you have an OPERATING SYSTEM.
The operating system on the cell phone represents the soul. It pulls the mind, body and spirit together and turns their existence into something useful.

My Pastor went on to explain that if you try to download a new app but haven’t UPGRADED your operating system, the app won’t download – it won’t work. You need to upgrade the operating system to retrieve the new data from the new app.

Now cut to YOU and your mind, body, spirit and soul. Your body is just that – you’re shell. It’s what we see on the outside. Your spirit is your breath – it gives your mind and body life – that’s it. But your soul, your soul coordinates everything. Nothing else works without your soul. If you try to break a bad habit or addiction and haven’t upgraded your operating system – that new information is going to go into your old operating body and not work. The habit won’t break, the addiction won’t leave.

I know this affirmation is long but hang tight!

This week is a week where people all over the world celebrate love. Some say it’s a fake holiday, some say it’s not. For the sake of this blog and in my personal and professional opinion, everyday we should celebrate love.  For those of you out there who are on the other end of all of this Hallmark mumbo jumbo though. The ones (just like I was for many years) who will feel lonely and worthless as February 14th approaches. The ones who are shouting how proud they are to be single, but on the inside they are sad. This message is for you.

You don’t need to change what you look like to attract love into your life.
You don’t need to get smarter or have a better degree to magnetize love.
When you get it on the INSIDE, you’ll get it on the outside. That’s how this sh*t works. When your soul is full of love, your operating system will coordinate everything else just so. So today and all this week – matter fact EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter what I want you to upgrade your operating system and set it to love. LOVE YOU and the rest will take care of itself. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I recognize that by loving me, all of me, I fill my soul with love. Once I get my love on the inside....

Winky Boo Affirmations

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