Every battle we’re fighting is internal. When you feel “attacked” by another, it is only because you have chosen to take it personally. Their “attack” on you is actually an attack on themselves. When you understand this concept, you will start seeing all your interactions differently. 

Every relationship we have is magnetized to us and maintained through our love with ourselves. It’s a mirror reflection. That’s why you hear everyone preaching “self-love.” Because when you learn to love you, respect you, honor you, appreciate and cherish you FIRST – I’m not going to say the rest is a piece of cake, but it makes your relationships flow easier. You attract the right people – the people who support your highest good. When you aren’t whole on the inside, you are sending out a lower vibration which is magnetizing people into your life at that same low vibe.

In order to attract the “right” people – the ones that are going to love you, appreciate and respect you – you MUST love, appreciate and respect yourself. You have to do the work internally first. Does that mean that your relationship will be “easy” and “perfect” once you do. Nope! We are ALWAYS growing and learning. We are constantly doing the internal work. If you can focus your attention as Abraham-Hicks says on how YOU feel about the other person, rather than how THEY feel about you – “then you will unEarth your core understanding of who you really are and you will discover what true freedom really is.” That’s the understanding that we are all connected as a whole. We are not different at our core. Our core is pure love and light directly from our Source (our Creator!). Love always expands. So if you can focus on how you feel, know that it’s never about you – it’s never personal and continue to lean into your core being of love and light towards YOURSELF and towards your relationships – it will all flow freely and easily. Because it is our EGO that wants us to believe we are not connected or alike. It makes us feel attacked and separate. But you have the choice to believe that or not. If you chose for the ego at one point, you can always choose again! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am choosing to see all my relationships with pure love and light.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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