I’ve been saying this a lot lately to clients so I thought it was the perfect time to affirm it right here. Far too many of us pay attention to the things we do not want. We talk about it, we think about it, we blog about it, text about it, we even search for quotes and memes that perfectly describe our problems. But guess what…all your doing is magnifying the problem!

When you have a “problem” or something unfolding in your life that you are none too pleased with, if you would like it to “go away,” stop pumping it full of energy. You need to change the channel. You need to pay zero attention to the sh*t you don’t want around you. I pull no punches when I tell clients this – just shut up and redirect your attention elsewhere.

What you are seeing and experiencing is exactly what you are choosing to see and experience. If you would like to see and experience something different, you need to change the channel and tune into only what it is you desire. Stop dwelling on what you don’t want. Stop tweeting about it. Stop calling up your friends and rehashing the same thing over and over. You are keeping the problem around the more you do that. It’s time to let go and say goodbye to your problem right now..today! So pick up the remote and change the channel to something you do like in your consciousness. You will see that before your very eyes, the problem eventually dissipates and you’ve instantly created something new. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am changing the channel in my mind and tuning into only what I desire.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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