In church this morning my pastor said there are usually four types of people in this world. Type 1 are those that are living to live. As good as that may sound, these are the types that have no connection, no commitment and no sense of faith. They’re just living for the weekend. Type 2 are those who are living to die. They do everything in their power to speed life along. They have the mentality of, “well…we’re gonna die anyway.” Then there’s Type 3 and those are the people dying to die. In the name of fun they turn to alcohol, drugs and other harmful addictions not realizing that death has essentially become part of their value system.

When you believe in something much larger than yourself like God/Universe/Source – you are elevated from simply living to live. You are delivered from living to die and spared from dying to die. Type 4 means you are choosing to live life in the best possible way – which means you’re dying to live! You see because those three different types are merely choices. They’re a choice you choose every morning. You can choose again at any moment. If I were you, I’d take advantage of all this life has to offer with commitment, connection, faith, trust, peace and a whole lot of fun. 

Because when you believe in something much larger than yourself, you know you’re looked out for. You know that you’re protected so your mistakes in the past are forgiven. Your future is bright. Your steps are being guided every second of everyday and even if you take a wrong turn, you will be redirected right back in the direction that will serve you the most. Start dying to live! As pastor said…“Trade your mess for the miracle!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am trading my mess for the miracle.

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