You have everything you need in order to obtain everything you want. The only thing standing in the way of getting what you want is you BELIEVING that you already have everything you need. Please go ahead and reread that one more time.

Your life, it’s events and it’s outcome rely on your choices, your perceptions, your beliefs and your trust. Do you believe that you can have anything at all that you desire? Do you trust it to show up when the time is right? Do you perceive it correctly when it does? Do you believe all things are working together to benefit you and deliver that desired outcome of yours? Lots of questions, I know, but I’m just breaking down and simplifying this life that you’ve overcomplicated for yourself.

If you believe you can have it…it’s yours. If you believe you deserve it…you do. Make a decision..a choice right now tonight under the Full Moon in Scorpio. Choose what you want. Declare it’s yours. Believe you will receive it at the best time possible – the time that you’ll most cherish it and appreciate it. The time you are ready for it. That’s all dolls…that’s all it takes. The hard-work is done on the inside of your soul. Stop blocking your blessings – they’ve got your name on them. Your soul craved them, your heart desires it and your mouth confessed it. Now sit back, relax and ALLOW it to flow your way. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I step aside and allow my desires to arrive at the right time.