Today I was taking care of some furry friends of mine and and it got me thinking about how animals seem to be always in a state of gratitude. All they long for is love and affection, food, water, play-time and praise – and they’re really excited if they only get a little.

Such simplicity, right? Why aren’t we humans the same way? Why must we always be longing for more? We want and desire people or things or situations and then when we obtain them, we want more. Never satisfied with what’s provided and always making it way more complicated than necessary. Why are we making it so hard? It doesn’t need to be hard – LIFE does not need to be difficult. It doesn’t need to be stressful or frustrating. It doesn’t need to be sad or upsetting. NO…it really doesn’t need to be at all. We choose that for ourselves. If you want to perceive something as lacking, go right ahead. If you want to choose to be angry and hold onto that not so good feeling for days – please, be my guest.

I choose to live simply. I take a page out my dog’s book. You see when I started on this journey, if you will – this path of self-discovery and awareness, I became a master observer. I think I always was but now I was mindful of myself paying attention to every single thing around me. When I observe my dog it’s very simple; He’s content with the breeze in his face. He’s excited no matter who walks through the door. He doesn’t judge and he doesn’t hold grudges. He’s up for anything and just goes with the flow without needing the who’s, what’s, when’s, how’s and where’s. Whether you’re sitting on the floor, out in the grass, on the beach, driving in the car – whether it’s sunny or rainy or foggy or cold – he seems to find joy in it all. Make it simple dolls. Stop questioning, stop fearing, stop hiding, stop judging and just roll with the punches…go with the flow. Everything is always working out for you anyhow…just look for the good stuff. Because there’s good stuff everywhere – but you only find what you’re looking for! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to live simply. I look for the good stuff wherever I go.