Everything you hold against others, you hold against yourself. Your grievances with them are actually a reflection of your grievances on yourself. No one is void of this. We all attack ourselves mentally in some way, shape or form. Whether you hold yourself in a place of guilt for wanting to share your accomplishments with others or perhaps you blame yourself for not always being right. You could simply attack yourself when you think you made a mistake but knew better.

Feeling like you need to criticise or find fault in something you do, say or think is a way of punishing ourselves for not doing or being more. It’s such a counterproductive process the ego uses of making us feel bad we aren’t shining our light brighter but then making us feel guilty when we do because, “Who are you to deserve to do that?” This vicious cycle operates sometimes without us even realizing it but as A Course in Miracles teaches that if you sat for a moment in silence and thought of those you like or love, you would find grievances with all of them.

As humans we compare, contrast, attack, blame, try to control and seek out reassurance and approval for the simple fact of feeling like we are worthy of someone or something. This irrational way of thinking is merely blocking the truth about us all which is that we are WORTHY of all things, regardless of what we say, do, think or accomplish. We were worthy from the start. It’s just our misconceptions and misperceptions of who we are that gets in the way. We can either teach ourselves lies about who we are by blaming, attacking and insulting others or we can remember the truth of who we are by forgiving these illusions and realizing that those you attack are a part of you and you a part of them. What you see in them is also in you and if you attack it in them, you attack it in you. Forgive and know it is untrue. It is always untrue. You are worthy and you are love and that is the only truth you need to remember. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I forgive myself for criticising others. By finding fault in them I have attacked my truth.