When you choose light over darkness…peace has no other option but to arrive. Serenity comes from true vision. True vision means seeing a world of forgiveness and not anger. Seeing others as divine vessels used to help you see who you really are. We are clouded in this “real world” that we live in. We take on and carry a lot of burdens that aren’t ours to hold. We’ve picked them up over the years and assigned them to ourselves when really they never had anything to do with us at all. They were our limited interpretations of what was happening around us.

These burdens turned into insecurities and resentment. They turned into feelings of lack and misfortune. They spiraled into anger, doubt, fear and bitterness. As we grew and got older we added more to them and they took on new forms. These stories we tell ourselves are lies. Client after client we work to uncover these fears and limiting beliefs. We find simple stories from childhood that have spiraled into feelings of not being good enough or worthy of anything good. These stories aren’t to be uncovered to attack or blame anyone for our fears in the present. When we can get clear on where our feelings of anger or despair came from we can gain understanding and wisdom around our actions nowadays. Then we are able to forgive and know that our attacks on people NOW are actually not about these people at all – they’re all about these stories we’ve told ourselves about who we are and what we deserve.

We can forgive the individuals or situations that helped create these stories. We can forgive ourselves for believing them and carrying the heavy burden of what they stood for, for so long. You don’t deserve anything but beauty in this life. But when you can’t get past the veil of darkness (those fearful stories in your mind), it’s difficult to feel peace. Looking at these fears straight in the eye will help you see through these dark clouds and into the light. Your peace hasn’t left you…it’s waiting on the other side of fear. Walk through and know that nothing can harm you…it is only your thoughts that make you believe otherwise. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My fears hold no power when I shine my light on them.