When something good happens, are you waiting for something bad to happen next? Or a few unexpected things happen that could be “perceived” as bad and you wait for more to take place before you decide that you can be happy again? Waiting for the other shoe to drop is what that’s called. Here’s the thing: BAD is a label. That’s a judgment you choose to assign to something based on your own perception. But the thing about choices are…there’s always more than one. You can choose again!

You get to decide if something is “bad” or “good” in your life. You can find the lesson, the healing, the growth, the positive in anything at all, if you want to. Or you can seek out the doom and gloom and negative in every situation. Everyone experiences the same day differently and to put it in more perspective…everyone experiences the SAME situation completely differently because it’s solely based on your own perception. That perception includes your own fear-based thoughts and illusions.

So if you know that you get to choose how you see everything in this world, you get to choose how you feel about everything that happens to you and you get to choose what you want to think, say and do about it all – where’s the bad? I’m not saying get excited about negativity but I am saying that even if it looks really sh*tty on the outside…it’s usually NOT because God always gives you something special in the storm. The spectacular thing is that it’s up to you to find it, experience it and embrace it – because it’s happening FOR you and not TO you..remember! Even if it’s happening around you, you’re witnessing it because it WILL benefit you. Open your eyes, your ears and withhold that judgment because there’s always peace amidst the chaos…beauty in the breakdown. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose what I see, what I think and how I feel.